August 1st, 2016

LTA Supporters,  

Each year, I put together a summary of the important work we are doing in our community. I am proud to say that once again we have accomplished encouraging and remarkable work in Lansdowne. In addition, this year one of our founders, Patrick Grace, was honored with the UPS Jim Casey Community Service Award.  Only one UPS employee is selected to be given this award each year and it is the highest honor a UPS employee can receive. As a result, UPS donated $10,000 to our LTA mission and created a video that highlighted all the critical work we continue to do in our community.

The LTA video that UPS created is approximately 10 minutes in duration and the video was distributed to all of their employees. We are honored and thrilled to get this type of acknowledgement, not only for Pat, but also for our LTA mission. I would like to thank UPS for all the positive words of encouragement and favorable recognition. We wanted to share this video with you. We hope you will take the time to click on the link below and watch our story.

Pat Grace – Jim Casey Community Service Award Video Link:

In 2015, we celebrated our first 10 years at Leadership through Athletics (LTA) so, we set off to create several short videos with the hopes of summarizing and communicating our mission, providing information on our impressive LTA mentors and recognizing some of the exciting activities that take place in our facility every day. Additionally, we chose to elaborate on some of the challenges that still remain in front of us. We have attached links to these videos below as well.

Now more than ever, we need to provide our community a safe, peaceful and loving environment. We learned this lesson firsthand after the Freddie Gray occurrence which happened in Baltimore city, our own backyard. These too-frequent stories of violence in our country have us on edge and we all feel better knowing our youth and seniors have a place to escape. It’s comforting to know that LTA provides our community of Lansdowne with a friendly place to build positive relationships while nurturing their strengths, interests and abilities.

We hope you find our LTA story moving and inspiring. There is still a lot of hard work to be done and LTA must continue to do more to impact Lansdowne. We are enthusiastic about our future and look forward to our next ten years.

A special “Thank You” to Kirk Krikstan, Don Granger, our LTA staff and our inspiring mentors who are the heart and soul of LTA. They believe in the mission to look after and protect the LTA Foundation. They make it happen 365 days a year. They keep LTA running smoothly and continue to make positive impressions on our youth.

The following links include the Jim Casey Community Service Award video, several videos that LTA created and an article that appeared in the UPS Longitudes magazine:

Please take a few minutes to watch our Story:

Pat Grace – Jim Casey Community Service Award Video Link:

Jim Casey Community Service Award Coaches Video Link:

Longitudes Article Link:

LTA Videos:

Our Mission:


Our Mentor:

Again, I would like to say congratulations to Patrick on his award from UPS and thank you for your support and interest in our mission. Feel free to distribute our videos to those you believe might be interested.  We thank you for watching our story.


Brian White

LTA President