Lansdowne Community Benefits when Gooseneck Basketball partners with Baltimore County Police to offer sports clinic at LTA!

Lansdowne Community Benefits when Gooseneck Basketball partners with Baltimore County Police to offer sports clinic at LTA!

Community kids participated in a back to school basketball clinic and learned more than just basketball skills.  They learned about teamwork, leadership and our men and women in blue.  More than 100 kids had a great time running, shooting hoops and sharpening their basketball skills at the clinic. The Baltimore County Police Department and Gooseneck basketball teamed with LTA to offer kids this incredible sports experience.  The lessons they learned were invaluable.

“Now, more than ever, it is important for kids to have the chance to interact with law enforcement officers in a positive setting and to see them as role models,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

The purpose of the program is to allow community members, particularly young people, to interact with police officers in a positive setting. “Both our police officers and our communities are safer when officers and residents know and trust each other,” said Kamenetz.

“We were excited to work with the Baltimore County Police Department and Gooseneck Basketball to bring this excellent opportunity to LTA. It was great to see the young people and police officers interact in a positive nurturing environment” said LTA Co-Founder Pat Grace.

Cornelius (Bear) McMurray founder of Gooseneck Basketball has made it his mission to teach kids life lessons, leadership and teamwork on the court.  “Cornelius (Bear) also helps young people discover and explore their talents and interests while developing their basketball skills,” said LTA Co-Founder Mike Grace.

This back to school basketball clinic was co-hosted by Leadership through Athletics (LTA) as a follow-up to a very well received Cops and Kids clinic last spring.  “The clinics were very rewarding for the kids, the cops and the community,” said Kirk Krikstan, LTA’s General Manager.  We look forward to offering more clinics similar to this one at LTA.

A big thank you to the Baltimore County Police Department and Gooseneck Basketball for bringing this fantastic experience to LTA!

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